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Pencil by Number

Our Pencil-By-Number line was developed for the family artist to experience and learn pencil drawing techniques. Each design allows the enthusiast to build their basic skills of coloring, sketching, and drawing. With their personal touch, each design is an ideal way to easily reproduce and create a beautiful picture while learning a new craft.

The 17600 series titles are made up of some of the most spectacular and stunning animal imagery. This line is the perfect introduction for any artist, who wants to focus on technique, and avoid worrying about composition and subject matter. Each Pencil by Number contains a 9” x 12” panel, 12 pencils, sharpener and reference sheet.

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paint n frame puppy

paint n frame monkey

paint n frame dinosaur

paint n frame bear

paint n frame kitten

paint n frame frog



paint n frameNo. 10127 Pencil by Number® Activity Kit

Our Pencil by Number Activity kit makes an ideal gift for your families aspiring artist. This kit is designed for the true drawing enthusiast. It features our entire 17600 series designs. Each kit comes complete with 6 numbered boards, 12 colored pencils, sharpener and reference sheet. Enjoy the fun of pencil by numbers for hours with this activity kit.

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